Asset Preservation

A personalized approach to protect our clients and their possessions.

Each client is unique. They have different goals, own assets worth different amounts, and have varying levels of comfort.

At The Law Office of Richard K. Abraham, we take an individualistic approach to Asset Preservation. Mr. Abraham works to educate each client about the different strategies that can be implemented to protect themselves and their possessions.

There are various approaches to preserving assets from being negatively impacted by tax matters including federal and Maryland estate taxes.

Mr. Abraham tailors every asset preservation plan to accommodate the situation and goals of each individual client.


  • Look Out for Social Security Scams
    Social Security fraud or scams have become big business for those engaged in this illicit activity. Here are some tips to help protect yourself or loved ones.
  • Taxes & Your Inheritance
    A skilled estate planner can utilize trusts, properly timed gifts, insurance policies, and donations to minimize the taxes owed.
  • Potential Pitfall of Lending Parents Money
    Most people want to help their parents as they age. However, and in addition to potential Medicaid penalties, there is a large risk many adult children do not consider when loaning their parents large sums for temporary financial support: the state may take the money instead of allowing them to be paid back.
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Use our personalized approach to Asset Preservation.

Each client has different goals, own assets worth different amounts, and have varying levels of comfort. Mr. Abraham tailors every asset preservation plan to accommodate the situation and goals of each individual client.